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Resolving Ancestral Patterns

Breakthrough and resolve deeply entrenched life patterns adopted from your family and ancestors in workshops and individual sessions of Family Repatterning/family constellation work. By learning to recognize intergenerational family-derived patterns, Family Repatterning helps to free you from entrenchment in recurring life patterns that don't work.

In bygone days, people lived in tribes and small communities that provided support for people and families undergoing life traumas. Due to emigration, modern social mobility and the social fragmentation in modern society, that collective support has been lost. As a result, when a traumatic event occurs in a family, there are few resources for processing and integrating it. The people involved become overwhelmed, and may repress or deny the facts, or compensate in other ways. There is often a psycho-energetic disconnection from other family members.

Based upon the field theory research of British biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, Family Repatterning derives from the pioneering family constellations work of Bert Hellinger and has become very popular in Europe over the last 25 years. This process makes visible the precise occurrences that set in motion the patterns we repeat in an effort to "make things right." Coming together as a virtual tribe for a day-long workshop reconstitutes our collective roots so that bygone traumas can be acknowledged, integrated, and accepted.

Current Workshops (See Upcoming Workshops for more detail)

New York
Sunday, May, 117, 2009
9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Clearing Ancestral Patterns: With Family Repatterning Constellations. For additonal information and to register click here